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Spread the word... Here's how.

Please promote KeyWiki by using any or all of the following options:

Link to KeyWiki in your Articles

This is very important, and without question one of the most powerful ways to use and share the information KeyWiki. When you are writing an article on your blog or website, be sure to hyperlink names of people and organizations back to their profiles on KeyWiki.

For an example of such an article, please click here.

Add To Your Blog Sidebar

Using the pre-prepared code, or the link to the image, placing this advert for KeyWiki in your sidebar will help to spread the news of this growing and invaluable resource.



If you have any problems adding the advert, please contact the team.

Share Any Page to Social Media


Use the Share/Save button on any page to instantly share that page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc.

In a Blog Article

Promote KeyWiki by writing up a brief review of the website in a blog post on your blog or website. Contact the team if you require any further information for this.

Word of Mouth

Good old fashioned "word of mouth" is one of the best ways of alerting more people to this useful resource.