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Thank you for joining KeyWiki in unlocking the hidden side of U.S. and Western politics!

Anyone may contribute to any article by making use of the discussion page which exists for each article on KeyWiki. Simply click the discussion tab at the top of any article. Here you can add your point of view, additional information, or corrections if you believe a mistake has been made.

To become a member of KeyWiki you must first become a registered user. Please contact us if you wish to become a registered user on KeyWiki.

Some important resources:

  • Remember: in wiki-language, capitalization counts. Be sure you are using the correct capitalization format for the page you are creating.
  • Add appropriate categories to any new pages you create. To link a page to a category, at the bottom of the page, insert the relavent category: [[Category:Category name]].
  • Consult the cheatsheet.
  • Always cite your sources.
    • When you cite a source in the body of the page, follow the period at the end of the sentence with:
<ref>[ WEBSITE ABOUT WIKIs]</ref>
using the appropriate information. It will automatically appear under the References section when you save the page.
  • Further information on referencing, sources and copyrights is on the Copyrights page.

Please contact us if you have any further questions.